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Sailing and motor yacht charter in Tuscany Italy


Carried by the waves of the sea, as Corto Maltese during his trips around the world, sailing holidays still have a charm a charm all of their own.

Whether it is sailing by sailing yacht or by motor boat, going from port to port and making your own way through the waves is exciting. But not everybody is as able as the character of Hugo Pratt at the helm of a ship.

In this case, having a good and experienced assistance is essential. La Bottega del Mare relies on the professional service of Silvia Castagnozzi, a ship broker doing this job for many years and collecting a high level of customer satisfaction.

Given the quality and good maintenance of the boats, the choice between rent a motorboat or sailboat and just depends on how you plan your holiday.

For the those who choose sailboats, the aim is not to reach a precise destination, but to enjoy the pleasure of sailing for its own sake. On the other hand, going on vacation by motorboat allows you to navigate in a more dynamic and responsive way which reduces the time at sea in favor of visiting the typical villages of the Tuscan coast.

We know Tuscany very well and the main charter base of La Bottega del Mare to rent a sailboat or a motorboat is located in the new tourist port of San Vincenzo, an ideal starting point for excursions to Elba Island and to the other islands of our archipelago.

A sailing vacation gives you unforgettable moments, that will always be part of you!
Contact us for a personalized expert advice, or if you have already made up your mind, to decide when to start your sailing holidays in Tuscany!

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